Sunday, March 10, 2013

4th Birthday Party at Pump It Up

Laine originally wanted to have her 4th birthday at a place in Keller called Girly Girl. They had a package where the girls could get their hair done, toes done, make-up done, and dress up in princess dresses and to music walk down the runway. BUT, Girly Girl moved to a smaller store and didn't bring the salon portion of their first store with them, nor did they have any sort of runway and those are the things Laine was really looking forward to, so on to plan B. Avery has had her last two birthdays at Pump It Up and Laine has loved both of them, so I asked her if she'd like to have hers there. She decided it sounded really fun, and I'm glad we ended up there too. If we had done the Girly Girl party then we wouldn't have been able to invite all the boys that she's friends with and I wasn't ready to not have all of my friends' kids at her party. They all had a blast on the bounce houses, but I think the dads who were there, including Jackson might have had even more fun than the kids. haha. Laine got so many cute things and she was so excited to see all of her friends there!

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