Sunday, March 10, 2013

4 Years of Amazingness

All mothers and fathers cannot believe how quickly time flies and Jackson and I are SO in that club. We simply cannot believe that tomorrow morning at 4:07 am Laine was born 4 years ago. It's hard to believe that the little preemie who had surgery the same day she was born would be such a strong, fun, smart, caring, stubborn, full-of-life little girl she is today. We are incredibly proud of the person she's becoming and are amazed at her wittiness, her grace, her strength and her beauty. Our hearts have never felt more love ever than they have in these past 4 years. I have said before that if for some reason God does not bless us with another sweet baby, then at least we have her. She is a miracle and I thank my lucky stars every day that He gave her to us. Something funny she has started asking lately is how she got in our family and I tell her that mommy and daddy chose her from all the stars in the sky and God allowed us to have her. I tell her how much I thank God for that and she just gets a big smile on her face and tells me she loves me. I think sometimes about all of the kids in the world who don't feel that safeness with their own parents and it breaks my heart because I know she feels so incredibly loved by us. I am the luckiest mom alive to have her as my daughter.

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