Friday, March 15, 2013

Deer Lease

Yesterday Jackson, Laine and I went down to his lease in Gordon, TX. We originally planned on staying the night but around 8 plans changed. We started with a tour of the land on the 4-wheeler. Laine was scared of the 4-wheeler at first and wouldn't sit in the front but after riding for a bit she got brave and helped Jackson steer in the front. We saw all the blinds on the land and I climbed up Jackson's and saw the view that he gets when he's up there. The seat rocked a bit which was a little scary, but it was pretty neat. After that we fished and shot guns. I shot his moms 22 and did pretty well. He sat up targets and once I got comfortable with the gun I started nailing the targets. After that we started a fire and grilled hot dogs. Laine wanted to go find animals on the 4-wheeler so we did that and found an armadillo but once Jackson and Laine got close enough he had already gotten away. When we got back to camp we skipped and threw rocks in the pond. At this point is was getting late but not really late enough to go to bed, so we decided to just come back home. Lets just say these city girls can only handle so much of the country way of life.

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