Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ross Perot Museum

Over Spring Break my friend, Lea gave us her member tickets to the Ross Perot museum. She had 4 adult passes and kids under 18 were unlimited, so I took advantage of that and invited Laine's babysitter and her kids along with my mom, Laine and me. We had a great time despite the fact that the museum was PACKED with all of the Spring Breakers. I had already been once with my students for a field trip, and that day it wasn't nearly as packed it was over SB. The little kids had the best time I think because the crowds didn't bother them. The museum has a kiddie area and that was probably the least packed place in there, so we spent a lot of time there letting the little girls dig for dino bones, play in the grocery store, and pretend to go camping. We did venture out the other exhibits, but like I said we didn't get to do too much since there were a bazillion people. It was a fun thing to go do and say you've done though!

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